Monday, February 22, 2010

Supreme Clothing.

I don't think I have done I have done this type of post before. Supreme just released a preview of their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Please emphasize the "just." While most other companies are already gearing up to released their Fall 2010 preview, Supreme has waited just over two weeks before it's scheduled drop to show their collection. My favorites are as followed.

There are a lot of interesting aspects of the Supreme brand. As far as streetwear goes, they always maintain a classic yet distinctive style. It seems like they have been producing 5 panel hats and short sleeve plaid button-ups since before they were popular. However, what is probably the most interesting aspect of Supreme is that in an age of where the slogan is "it's not what you put on the t-shirt, but what you put behind the t-shirt," they do almost nothing to ensure their own brand.
Supreme doesn't have a blog. They have never updated their twitter. Their website? A simple splash page to view and purchase clothing. They do not advertise online yet still have such a powerful presence on the internet. What can be taken from all of this? Most successful clothing companies these days are constantly informing the world about who is wearing their products, when their next product release will be dropped, who they will be collaborating with next. Supreme, as well as a couple other companies, just release products.

The lesson to be taken from this is simple. While the message behind a logo or brand is important, producing great products remains supreme to all.

This is true in many other areas. It doesn't matter if the hottest athlete uses a certain sports brand. If their products do not maintain high quality, they will not sell. It doesn't matter if an artist has Kanye West, Rich Ruben and The Neptunes producing their entire album. If the music isn't good, it won't sell. And trust me, Supreme sells and sells out fast. I am still bitter about not getting their Ronettes tshirt last season (it sold out in 6 hours).

(please note all the puns with the word 'Supreme'.)

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